Businessman working with laptopCorporate Service Provider

The Corporate Service Provider Business Act 2012 (the “Act”) regulates corporate service providers servicing clients of Bermuda who establish and maintain companies and partnerships on the island.

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) has the experience and expertise necessary to assist your firm in the licencing process that each Corporate Service Provider needs to complete in order to obtain a limited or unlimited licence.

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) can assist with all aspects of the licencing process including:

  • Completion of the Application Form
  • Draft or review of Business Plan
  • Draft or review of Policies and Procedures required to accompany the Application, including:
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Corporate Governance
    • Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing
    • International Sanctions Compliance
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
    • Internal Systems and Controls for day-to-day operations; and
    • Risk Management

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) offers the following additional services:

  • Screening of individual and entity names using internationally recognized-databases
  • Support provided to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer
  • Act as Money Laundering Reporting Officer or Deputy Officer