Managers, investors and regulators alike are seeking higher standards of corporate governance. Stringent due diligence being performed on directors is changing the selection processes of managers, shareholders and stakeholders, and the need for independence, expertise and capacity are factors that influence how firms choose the right directors.

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda)’s Independent Directors are experienced professionals with expertise in a diverse range of offshore domiciled, corporate, investment, broker-dealer, trust and management companies. Our directors are individuals of integrity with proven knowledge of the investment products, compliance and regulatory experience.

Oyster Directors are truly independent, willing to devote significant time to the role, and to undertake continuous education and professional development. Through membership in a variety of institutions and industry associations, they adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Oyster provides the following directorship services:

  • In-person or phone attendance at regular, required board meetings
  • Communication with the client, other board members and service providers
  • Advice on regulatory and compliance issues that may impact your company
  • Establishment of a policy-based governance system
  • Provision and recommendations for regulatory compliance, including guidance for and development of a compliance program, risk assessments, policies and procedures
  • Provision and recommendations for effective anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing controls

Oyster’s approach is to offer a proactive model of governance to enable managers to concentrate on investing, whilst providing investors security, with a high standard of governance.