Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Managing Director Alison Morrison Speaks at Opalesque Roundtable (Bermuda)

Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Managing Director Alison Morrison recently participated in the 2016 Opalesque Roundtable (Bermuda).  The Opalesque Roundtable Series was begun as a collection of intelligence on the most important global hedge fund jurisdictions and players.  The Opalesque Bermuda Roundtable took place at the office of Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) in Hamilton with the following experts:

  1. Hugh Gillespie, Orbis Investment Management
  2. Alison Morrison, Oyster Consulting
  3. Aaron Burrows, Harneys
  4. Craig Bridgewater, KPMG
  5. Daniel Tafur, Equilibria Capital Management
  6. Sean Moran, Bermuda Business Development Agency

(LEFT TO RIGHT – Photo courtesy of Opalesque) Craig Bridgewater, Sean Moran, Alison Morrison, Hugh Gillespie, Daniel Tafur, Aaron Burrows, Matthias Knab

Bermuda is working to capture a greater share of the offshore fund pie and improve products and services and to diversify its international business base, particularly in the asset management sector.  The Roundtable group discussed, among other things, the island’s position as a leader in AML legislation, its relationship with the UK regarding AIFMD and Brexit, and Bermuda’s position as a growing financial services industry preferred domicile.

Click here to view the Roundtable Summary:    opalesque_bermuda_roundtable

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