Oyster Sponsors 100 Women in Finance “Seaside Chat with Meredith Whitney”

Meredith Whitney 100 WF Event

Alison Morrison, former Managing Director of Oyster Consulting [Bermuda] Ltd. and Chair of 100 Women in Finance in Bermuda, Fiona Luck, former insurance executive and recent appointee to Lloyd’s Franchise Board, Meredith Whitney, Sean Moran, Head of Business Development, The Bermuda Business Development Agency

On February 15, 2018 Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd. jointly sponsored with the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) an education and networking session, “A Seaside Chat with Meredith Whitney.”

Professionals from Bermuda’s finance, reinsurance and financial services industries heard what Whitney and host Fiona Luck consider essential for women to achieve their professional goals. The event is part of the 100 Women in Finance’s milestone of 800 global education events.

“We were honoured to be able to welcome Meredith Whitney. She and Fiona Luck shared terrific insight with our members, and their message of determination and following instinct inspired our audience,” said Alison Morrison, Managing Director of Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd. and Chair of 100 Women in Finance in Bermuda. Sean Moran, Head of Business Development, BDA, commented, “We were excited to be part of this event. The BDA is keen to highlight female leadership in our market and internationally, and we look forward to another opportunity to network with 100WF’s membership.”

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