Webinar: Register Today! Digital Assets – The Future of the Financial Services Industry

Digital Assets webinar invite


Join us for a 45-minute webinar
as our experts cover these and other topics:


What is distributed ledger technology?

What challenges do financial industry firms face by using it?

What firms need to do today to protect their clients and themselves


Oyster consultants have worked to create exchanges, ATSs, FinTech firms, and innovative financial products.  We have worked with our clients to create new approaches to manage risk and compliance, client suitability, information security, data integrity, and trade, settlement, and counterparty controls.

Most importantly, our consultants have helped our clients to create businesses that succeed and to develop an approach that appropriately manages the risks associated with creating platforms that foster innovation, attract capital, and create trading and investment opportunities for investors and market participants.

For more information about digital assets and how Oyster can help your firm determine how it will navigate this emerging technology and market, complete our contact form or call (441) 541-5036 and one of our associates will be happy to assist you.