Oyster Consulting Welcomes Nikki Brinkerhoff

Nikki BrinkerhoffOyster Consulting (Bermuda) is pleased to welcome Nikki Brinkerhoff to the Bermuda team. Nikki is a compliance consultant based in the U.S. and brings her regulatory compliance knowledge and experience to the Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) practice.

“I’m excited to welcome Nikki to the Oyster Bermuda Team,” said Dale Jackson, Managing Director of Oyster Consulting (Bermuda).  “She brings years of experience working with U.S. regulators and large financial institutions. Over the past year, Oyster Bermuda received a number of inquiries from companies in Bermuda about U.S. regulations. The Bermuda Monetary Authority is a well-respected regulator, but compliance professionals will attest that each regulator likes things done in a particular way. Nikki’s experience with U.S. regulators could save the Bermuda business community time and energy as their trusted U.S. advisor. “

Learn more about Nikki’s knowledge and experience

In April 2019, the Department of Justice issued the most updated guidance on what the US government will demand of compliance programmes.  The guidance contains 12 topics that are the core of any organization’s compliance programme and presents multiple questions that you are likely to be asked if ever in an investigation.

If your firm has a U.S. affiliate make sure to schedule time with Nikki to ensure you are meeting your requirements from the U.S. and Bermudian perspective.


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