Cybersecurity Services

Technology has become a vital component of the financial world. Mitigating the risk of a breach, whether by cyber criminals, or careless employees is critical to keeping your firm and your clients safe.  Oyster can perform a comprehensive cybersecurity security review including:

  • Formal risk assessments
  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) protections
  • Systems management and supervisory responsibilities
  • Role-based access management controls procedures and process documentation
  • Physical and data security policies, procedures and practices
  • Network management and monitoring
  • Internal and external user monitoring
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Procedures for change control, release management and implementation of ongoing enhancements
  • Disaster Recovery (DR), data recovery and Business Continuity Planning (BCP)
  • Hardware procurement and inventory management
  • IT program for managing application security, external/internal penetration and vulnerability assessments
  • Business and technology incident response protocol and procedures
  • Information security roadmap and prioritization

The Oyster Difference:

Oyster has the background and perspective to help you build the cybersecurity program that is right for your firm. We are the right partner to help you bridge the gap where business and technology meet, ensuring that you have the resources to understand the threats and the ability to protect yourself.

To learn more, watch the videos below, and read our blogs on the topic.

Oyster CEO and Technology Officer Buddy Doyle discusses cybersecurity issues and controls during a recent cybersecurity seminar

Watch the entire seminar: