Business Continuity Planning

An effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is vital to ensure that your firm can provide core services to your clients during a crisis. A BCP is a very important part of protecting your business. Too often, firms take a technology-based approach to business continuity planning, rather than determining how to provide the important and essential services to clients during a major crisis. A successful BCP must start at the top, and have the buy-in of all the stakeholders associated with your firm. By not having a BCP in place your firm will put its assets, people and stakeholders at risk.

When essential services and products cannot be delivered on a timely basis, the consequences can be extremely costly and in some situations, irreversible.

With a strong BCP in place, firms are able to continuously deliver their products and services in the event of a catastrophic business-related occurrence.

With Oyster’s assistance, a BCP can be created that:

  • Is tailored to your firm’s needs to minimize cost and disruption, leading to the timely resumption to all of your firm’s operations
  • Is aligned with Industry Best Practices
  • Will better prepare you to manage and recover from unexpected, high-impact events such as key person dependencies, natural disasters/weather events, and cybersecurity attacks
  • Prioritizes activities that mitigate common business disruptions
  • Will allow you to continue to run and protect your firm during a major crisis

The Oyster Difference

Oyster professionals have first-hand experience as proven leaders in business continuity management, with deep experience in the design, development and implementation of a cost effective BCP. Our solutions are practical and tailored to your firm’s business model.