Executive Management Outsource and Support

In today’s globally competitive marketplace, success through managed growth and profitability is achieved by ensuring responsible planning, creation, implementation and active management of an organisation’s strategic plan.  The executive management team bears the ultimate responsibility for delivering these objectives across all components and/or functions of a business.

Oyster Consulting can provide experienced, industry proven professionals, who were leaders at the executive level of various sectors within the financial services industry, to assist organisations in starting, protecting, managing and growing their businesses.

Oyster’s Executive Management Outsourced and Support services include:

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The Oyster Difference

Oyster takes a proactive approach to serving in an executive management role by staying ahead of the regulatory curve and making sure your firm is up to date on all proposed and final regulations, filtering through the regulatory noise to find the news and updates that are relevant to your firm’s needs.