Buddy Doyle

Buddy Doyle is a passionate and innovative executive and has been in the financial services industry for over 30 years. Over the past ten years, he and his team have built an award winning organization serving hundreds of clients in the United States and Bermuda with consulting, outsourcing and software solutions. Prior to starting Oyster… READ MORE

Thomas O’Rourke

Tom is a risk management professional with significant experience and demonstrated competence in finance operations and regulatory compliance. His experience includes leadership of bank examination teams focused on risk management and compliance.  In this capacity, Tom also led bank supervision teams to address emerging risk from financial technology and cyber threats using Operations and Technology risk assessments. Tom brings experience with Basel… READ MORE

Lance Whittemore

As a Senior Consultant at Oyster, Lance has built ongoing relationships with several SEC- and State-Registered Investment Advisory firms, designing, implementing and maintaining their supervisory procedures and compliance programs. He has also worked in multiple engagements of varying scope with Registered Investment Advisors, broker-dealers and clearing firms, performing examinations, audits, and remediations of various aspects of their control and supervisory programs.

Brian R. Hall, O.B.E.

Anticipating Bermuda’s market for Oyster Consulting’s boutique services, Brian entered into a partnership with Oyster to launch a platform for its services in Bermuda through Oyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd, previously Inter-Ocean Management, Ltd.

Robert Hall

Rob Hall has been in the financial securities industry for over 20 years in both a domestic and international capacity. As Founding Principal and CFO, Rob and his team continue to manage the rapid physical and financial growth of Oyster Consulting. Including implementation of billing and project management systems, and the management of physical office moves. In addition, Rob supports Oyster clients as a FinOp and Supervisory Principal.